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Sometimes the scale of an event can be intimidating at first. There is so much to do, so many decisions to be made and so many different people involved, all that with a deadline approaching and the fact that people are depend on on us. …

A massive reason we enjoy organising events is the people we meet. Whether they be clients, part of the team we work with, suppliers and those we meet at networking events or even strike up talks with on Social Media and Email. Everybody is so unique and we love that.
We also enjoy working with different clients and scoping them out, getting a feeling for how they work, their business priorities, learning about their industry and also understanding where that business is trying to go, what is their vision? These are all questions we enjoy seeking answers to, that along with the fact that everybody has their oddities and different ways of doing things. We need to be easy to work with and that means working all these things out and being able to adapt our own way of working and collaborating.

So for the care and consideration that each of your events require, why not contact Its All Glow. Tel: 0203 633 2703 Mob: 0753 973 9047

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