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Planning an event brings a lot of pressure, but for the sake of your sanity and the success of your event, you must remain organised.

Here are our top tips on how to stay cool and collected.


Lists, schedules, receipts, folders – keep everything important in one place.

We highly recommend keeping everything online, which most of your correspondence will be anyway. Just scan any important documents to ensure everything is kept together. We use Google Drive and have a folder for each event, within that sub-folders – such as receipts, guest lists, venue spec etc.

Organised Event Planner to do list


Sharing information is the best way of making sure everything gets done on time. Working in a team and having several minds focused on the task is a sure way to make sure minor issues don’t get overlooked.

Google Drive is also exceptionally helpful here as everyone in the team can have access to the folders. This helps everything remain updated and organised. Having one calendar and planner for the event means the whole team can focus on what needs doing and tasks can be allocated and shared with ease.

Trust your Instinct

Trying to please everyone and second guessing other people’s opinions becomes a nightmare to organise and dilutes the integrity of your event.

As the organiser, you need to lead the way and create a strong vision for the night. Your passion and enthusiasm will be what shines through and creates a brilliant event; that’s what will inspire your team to deliver and what will create a fantastic atmosphere for your guests.

Organised Event Planner atmosphere

Diary Updates

Keep a simple diary of your events. A couple of updates each day to summarise.

Be sure to detail issues that arise and how you overcome them, so you’ve got solutions to hand if they come up again in the future.

One Task

Stick to one task at a time to avoid becoming stressed and disorganised. Don’t multitask, it simply doesn’t work.

Channel your focus into one task to ensure it’s done to the best of your ability and then tick it off. That’s far more productive than half doing everything at once.


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