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7 Brilliant Ideas for a Fishbowl Centrepiece

A Fishbowl Centerpiece makes for a fantastic table feature with high impact. Centrepieces can be so hard to master. You want to create a buzz around your table, but not take all the attention away from your event, or blow your budget. Fishbowls are a great way to...

Why We Love Events

WHY WE LOVE EVENTS Sometimes the scale of an event can be intimidating at first. There is so much to do, so many decisions to be made and so many different people involved, all that with a deadline approaching and the fact that people are depend on on us. … A massive...

Fishbowl Varieties

Simple yet very effective, our fishbowl table centres can be illuminated to create a stunning centerpiece. We have a wide range of items that can be placed inside the bowl, including flowers, candles and of course fish.

Marquee your Event

Whether you choose a Marquee and draping for protection from rain and cold or you simply love the look – a Marquee can add a gorgeous element to your celebration. Remember that draping, lighting and flooring will dramatically change the look of your tent. There...

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